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environmentally conscious and responsible travel

Travelling is an important part of our lives. Travelling brings people together, intensifies business relationships and overcomes cultural boundaries. A world without travelling by bus, train, ship or plane is no longer imaginable today. This makes it even more important to identify necessities, take responsibility and make decisions about environmentally conscious travel.

From the 2021/2022 season onwards, we will support our customers in assessing and selecting their travel activities in terms of CO₂ emissions at the planning stage and, if desired, in offsetting them.

our offer
We create your CO₂ footprint for complete concert tours (Past and/or vs. Future), but also for individual travel and transport routes so that you can base your decision not only on a cost/benefit but also on a well-founded emissions analysis. From now on, the expected emission values per travel route and type of transport will be part of our offers. We use the latest publicly available data from the German Federal Environment Agency (Bundesumweltamt) and the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA UK).

However, we offer these services not only to the orchestras and choirs that book their travel and transport with us, but also to interested orchestras and promoters who do not want to do without their long-standing partnerships in these areas.

Talk to us! We will be happy to send you an offer that includes the aforementioned services.